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Jonathon Carle

Jonathon Carle

Principal Infrastructure Planner

“Identifying an optimal contributions strategy to match forecast growth, and the preparationof associated contributions plan(s) that are legally robust, reader-friendly and reflect strategic priorities, are critical to creating successful places and communities.”

Zack strongly believes seeking town planning advice at an early stage can be invaluable in quantifying development potential of a site and potentially avoiding costly errors and omissions.

Jonathon Carle has expertise in strategic land use planning, planning policy, infrastructure planning and development contributions. His 20-year career spans local councils, state government and consulting in NSW and across South East Asia.

Jonathon is an infrastructure funding and delivery specialist. He is adept at preparing easy-to-read policy at both strategic and operational levels. The City of Sydney contributions plan that he prepared in 2015 set a new benchmark for best-practice development contributions planning in NSW. He also was the lead author of the City of Sydney Planning Agreements Procedures Manual that led to the appointment of two planning agreement coordinators.